The entire Universe is inside me

Come to my world

I’ve poured a cup of tea for you
watch my world
the world that is full of the game of light and darkness, night and day, heat and cold
It take burning sun in it and it’s full of cold and silent planet
this is my entire world... whole me

there is nothing separable I love my world with all coldness, silence and darkness of it because I believe that this is the darkness of night that let stars this opportunities to shine
so night is great bed of beauty for shining and I’m passionate for traveling in this mysterious world which one day I start my journey for searching peace from the earth and city to city, to sky and galaxy to its galaxy
and I searched till I reach to my heart’s gate and from there my real journey began

look at my cup and drink it
this cup is full of my heart
and my heart is full of the universe
and it was so that

"the entire universe is inside me"

became my belief