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7 ,July, 2018
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Discovery of Diamond of inner-self

From ancient times whenever there was talking about Psychological and Spiritual Problems and Issues, it reminds the word psychologist, adviser, and Psychiatrist. Undoubtedly, most of the people were curable and with method and basis of psychology, they overcome their problems, and fear and disinclination toward consultation and psychology overcome them. People who sometimes have no obedience and can’t tolerate the upward connection of consultation. Since 70’s the concept of coaching was created. It’s interesting to know that the word of Coach (Kocs) was the name of a village in Hungary that it was famous for making Carriage, a vehicle for transporting people from place to another place. With this simple definition, you can understand the concept of a coach in the humanities relation, coaching is like a carriage for self-awareness of people with the help of the one named coach.

Coaching is art and a skill in the point, progress and improving ability and function of the individual. Since 1990, the concept of coaching improved in management science, psychology, and human resource and was considered by everyone. Articles and different books play an important role in the Propagation of the concept of coaching. Since 2004, in the world of business, coaching turned to an important and effective tool in Organization and now alongside psychology science, is the science or in other word coaching skill, help people who are seeking growth and development for their selves with the discovery of diamond inside them and not outer factors. There is a coaching relationship as a client-coach. The equal relation and bilinear that individual client speaks about his/her issue and coach as a helper and guide with principles of coaching take a step in the way of solving the problem.

Three important principle in coaching: hearing – asking – feedback


Primal need of people is to be heard well; in that moment, that one speaks with full trust and peace about his/her problems with the one front of him/her (coach), the lamps in the roads will turn on and if coach, wisely, use every word of his/her client and get along with his/her in the way, he/she has took a successful step towards solving problem.


From the Achievement of effective hearing, you will reach the power of questioning. It can be said that the art of coach is asking questions without orientation but creatively and with a scrupulous sight toward the sentences of the client. The questions that made the individual’s thought towards Struggling and make the way clear.


Ken blackard specialist and speaker of marketing business said:

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. It can understand from this popular sentence that how important is feedback in the world of coaching. Feedback must be given with tact and clever tactic to make the viewpoint and behave of client change.

Business coaching, personal development coaching, health coaching, Job coaching are concluded in the category of coaching’s specialties. In another side coaching in comparison with individual and with a group is categorized which in-group scale forms as coaching in the organization and make a change in the position of the organization. Since the Human Capital who are their Employees with using the coaching science to change viewpoint and show better function from themselves.

In this age, great men and women, from Steve jobs to Opera Winfrey, everyone use individuals named coach, the ones with the equal rate that have a role as Facilitator, helper, and concomitant in the Vicissitudinous way to reaching their ideals. Fewer people know Bill Campbell, Micheal Gerber, Jay Abraham, and Lucinda Bassett as famous people; they are the coach of effective people in the world like Steve jobs

The last word is that coaching creates stable changes and effects in individual, full responsibility and responsiveness against the positive and negative function of her/ himself and at last in life, the best and top effect of coaching on the individual. He/ she turns to one who is Tireless, diligent and powerful that he/she struggles with his/her issues and doesn’t search for no explanation. The real source is inside the one and this helps increase self-confidence and not seek any help from others, at last, the Treasure inside her/him turns to a unique model for his/her success that is Eternal and lasting

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